Aphrodite, Mess and Peace

Libations are not grand rituals for me, as the start of the month is always busy and drains my energy. In a general sense it’s simply sitting at the altar, lighting a candle and saying hymns and praise.

A Hellenic Pagan, a Norse Pagan, and a Polytheistic Slut Do Ritual

Imbolc is a weird time in our area as it doesn’t act like anything. There is no pattern to how it behaves; some years its frozen, others it’s just rain, others still we already start with our warmth of spring. We aren’t thawing out because sometimes we didn’t even frost. Our winter was mild, all things considered, and the rains have already hit.

The Frustration of Gendering the Witch

Open up an article or book on witchcraft and 9 times out of 10 you’ll see it. In a craft practiced by everyone almost all the third person references about the reader make the assumption that they must be a woman.

The World Stops for the Moon

The moon, big beautiful and bright, looks oddly squashed. I squint and wonder if maybe it’s just my eyes but it looks, unnatural.

Year Nearly Gone

The chill comes. This winter has been the warmest in a few years and the cold has gusted in on the wind tearing through our town and threatened with wet snow. Nothing sticks, but the chill seeps in. The new year is just around the corner, looming but promising.

A Personal November Update

I never realize how tired I get during the colder parts of the year. I’m happier in the sense I’m not suffering from heat, but the disappearance of the sun behind the grey overcast has sapped my already limited energy.

Retell the Myths

Think to the very first Greek myth you ever learned. Do you remember that story, or even just the gist of it? A good portion of the myths kind of fall into the realm of ‘classics’ and end up getting taught in school at some point or another, often a byproduct of believing ancient Greece to be ‘the birthplace of humanity’. Whatever possessed Western culture to put these stories so high in priority has many reasonable criticisms which I’m not going to get into right now. It’s the myths I’m concerned about. (content warning: mentions of sexual assult, beastiality)

Reflections: Full Moon

Imagine January 2017. Do you even remember much on it? I’ll be honest, I don’t. But leading up to the full moon of the month I walked the cold winding streets back home in the dark from work. Past the crossroad that eventually be splashed with dozens of offerings to Hekate. The moon hangs so bright and big I’m taking by it in awe, and its not even full yet.

An Ode to Hair and Letting Go

I’m not quite certain what made me grow out my hair. Ever since the first chop that got rid of my mid back length straw over 7 years ago my hair has been fluctuating between incredibly short and preteen Justin Bieber floof. Some time earlier this year when I went to see my hairstylist however I told her to hold back on the scissors.
(content warning: mentions of misgendering)

Reflections: Meeting Hekate

“Just give me a little bit and you’ll be called when we’re ready.” Witch Ren gives us a thumbs up. The heavy thud and thunk of the basement door stills the house for a full second and we move into second stage of ‘oh gods this is actually happening.’ The next time we see Witch Ren it won’t be them.