Sometimes It Doesn’t Work

Blog posts, articles, books, there is probably about 1000 witchcraft 101 teachings to consume for a new witch. Among them, the ever prevalent question answer form of information.

I did a spell but it didn’t work, what did I do wrong?”

The Mundanity of Witchcraft

I read through the written format of the same journey I have partially taken. The transformation of the Phoenix, a spiritual transformation to rebuild yourself in a better image. When I had done it I experienced fire and catharsis and the quiet of oblivion before dragging ash to become whole. Witch Ren and Witch Momma…

It’s Not Perfect

And the comparison is there, it’s always there in the back of my mind, comparing the work of the ancients and the modern day worshippers to what I can produce.

Offerings of Creation

Magazines flip, rustling against the cluttered wooden table. Three voices sing to the speaker, cracking, sometimes whispered. Blades slice glossed pages with satisfying hisses.

Anthesteria, Take One

The smoke, woody with snaps that of licorice, wafts over the statue in curling lazy motions, drifting up and away from the altar. I gaze at the statue for a long moment, feeling my chest tighten and my eyes well. I get the sense of meeting a friend for the first time in years, relief and recognition all at once.

Aphrodite, Mess and Peace

Libations are not grand rituals for me, as the start of the month is always busy and drains my energy. In a general sense it’s simply sitting at the altar, lighting a candle and saying hymns and praise.

A Hellenic Pagan, a Norse Pagan, and a Polytheistic Slut Do Ritual

Imbolc is a weird time in our area as it doesn’t act like anything. There is no pattern to how it behaves; some years its frozen, others it’s just rain, others still we already start with our warmth of spring. We aren’t thawing out because sometimes we didn’t even frost. Our winter was mild, all things considered, and the rains have already hit.

The Frustration of Gendering the Witch

Open up an article or book on witchcraft and 9 times out of 10 you’ll see it. In a craft practiced by everyone almost all the third person references about the reader make the assumption that they must be a woman.

The World Stops for the Moon

The moon, big beautiful and bright, looks oddly squashed. I squint and wonder if maybe it’s just my eyes but it looks, unnatural.

Year Nearly Gone

The chill comes. This winter has been the warmest in a few years and the cold has gusted in on the wind tearing through our town and threatened with wet snow. Nothing sticks, but the chill seeps in. The new year is just around the corner, looming but promising.